What We Did

By increasing the number of bridges to 6, we launched several global protocols at 5 * 12 * 2.5 dimensions. The advantage of using these dimensions is that there is no need to use a chest. In this way, everywhere a bunch of wire is located, the device can be easily installed. Several global protocols The battery lifespan to 6 years The switches were available in two, four, and six bridges, but remained standard as the lightning device in the overall dimensions and design

The Result

One of the drawbacks of a single central system is the required expensive infrastructure. For each lightning unit separate plumbing and wiring is needed, which increases the prime cost and prolongs the project completion time. Moreover, the price of the central unit goes up based on the number of outlets, and worst of all, if the central system is in trouble, the entire lightning system will be in a jam until the defect is eliminated. However, in our smart zoning system, if the device fails, the faulty part turns off, but the lightning on the rest of the unit continues to work. It should be noted that since the device introduced by us is running in a parallel method, the lamps would never go off even if they are turned off.

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Implementation of intelligent lighting by our company using fiber optics in a commercial project...

Optical fiber for lighting

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