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About Project

The readability of the information provided on the electronic board was eliminated gradually and the board shrank. Also, the network socket was removed and replaced by the radio protocol. Eventually, the board went out of the production replaced with more efficient official and commercial boards, so that past nostalgia was no longer in sight. we entered the field of industrial boards. Considering our previous experiences, we were able to achieve good quality and quantity in this field. We started designing large and small industrial boards and were able to make very precise control and protection circuits. Therefore, we managed to implement them in factories and commercial complexes. Although having passed a complicated and challenging process, thanks to our large group, we were able to achieve this aim after several years of hardworking.

Project Challenge

One of the primary features of this new product that our team had been always looking for was to design and build a device smaller than the normal size yet more powerful. To this end, we examined various issues. The factory deficiencies could be named as the high noise and ripple output of the power line, which we were able to solve by designing an isolated electronic system and installing it inside the power panel and examining its performance for a year. Small and standard size High network software and hardware security Starting a 3-phase motor

What We Did

One of the main advantages of these panels was their three-phase control and smartness. In a short period, many features were added to them. Another important advantage of this panel was that it was much less expensive than the industrial electrical boards.

The Result

Perhaps the most important segment in these panels was the current transducers. They were specifically designed by our panels. Since we could increase the voltage up to one thousand and minimize the refractive index and phase difference, we could market the best product. Hardware Specifications industrial Small and standard size Simple installation & operation 32 output lines (single phase & 3 phase) (Up to 40 Amp for each line) Internal memory card for storing all data Calculating the consumed electricity Includes smart thermostat for type of fan coil unit Controlling the lightning and switch the lights on and off and increase brightness and dimming High network software and hardware security

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Industrial Box

Implementation of intelligent lighting by our company using fiber optics in a commercial project...
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