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What We Did

The first door panel light which was designed and manufactured in our company was built-in with the ability to be connected to the network. This device played solely the role of the opener and power switch, and saved the time and date. The newer versions included an advertising panel as well and drew the customers’ attentions. Despite the enormously high and extremely appealing performance, the room door needed to be prepared before it was built. Accordingly, the device was later moved from the door to the wall. The latest model of the door panel which was produced with a gold rim and a delicate gold-plated touchscreen, is still welcomed by the customers after three years of production. The panel also displays several great features such as not requiring a power switch, a remote control, or a key for the guests to enter the room.

The Result

We gradually realized the missing and necessary point was the hotel central apparatus while it is still different from what is being offered on the world market. We had to come up with a subtle design which could accommodate many of the features both in a small dimension and a secure way. There is no need to mention that achieving this goal required considerable amount of time, money, and experience. We finally came to an end product after several years of execution, which coincided with the production of our Gold Panel. These two complemented each other in the hotels. Thereby, the central panel of the guest room was small enough, so that no infrastructure was demanded anymore. This new device also replaced miniature fuses inside the hotel, providing guests with a control over all power lines as well as an LED light driver. We are now about to introduce a technology which is designed specifically for your projects in terms of software and hardware. In addition to its size, high efficiency and installation, and launching without significant changes in the framework, it can mostly satisfy the demands and produce desirable results. By presenting data sheets at the end of the project, we will assure you for good

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Considering the fact that our country is in critical conditions regarding the energy, like other countries and generation costs have soared and energy consumption has gone up, we ought to consider controlling, conserving, and saving ener

Hotel BMS


The exterior panels of the hotel door with high efficiency and constant beauty of our products

Panel door

Design on the hotel door panel with optical laser. Year of construction 2015. Panel headboards serve several modes than designed in different ways.

Design Panel Hotel

Device Details
Year of Product 2018
Client Main box room
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