About Project

Our software programs are intentionally designed in a way which our users from different age categories can simply work with them without any specific training. We also focused on minimizing the after-sale service although 24-hour service unit is ready to serve.

Project Challenge

In 2007, our company concluded that applying only hardware cannot fulfill the customers’ requirements; therefore, we decided to form a software group and hire a number of software experts. This team has been improved over the years and managed to make the software accessible to every individual from different cultures and literacy levels. In this regard, we developed a unique software for each specific project.

High network software and hardware security
The server software can be networked among multiple operators
Executing various scenarios by pressing a switch on the panel and monitor

What We Did

The software framework was fixed while the details were very flexible for each server and computer. The software was gradually moved from the servers to the laptops and then to the mobile. The software featured a unique industrial definition for each project. We only applied internal network software on specific servers for the factory.

The Result

A different model was applied for the hotels and it was designed in two separate parts: built-in networking software, and mobile guest software, both had the same goal while were not interconnected. This protocol was only employed for. And it was only used for high security network and hardware purposes.

Project Info

Software Electricity meter sensor
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