Electricity Meter

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About project

We look for boosting energy consumption and figured out the governments are seeking to control energy, purchase the meters at lower prices, and apply them as substitutes for the previous ones. The producer seeks more production with a higher selling price in addition to offering more technological options. The consumer also seeks comprehensible information on their bills. Sleer combined power meter can satisfy these three groups. Since one combined meter equals 16 single-phase meters, and also fewer gas and water meters are required to be produced, according to the statistics there is a great difference between underground raw material extraction and the construction costs. It also notably reduces the environmental issues. Each Sleer meter can apply 48 separate branches for water, electricity, and gas in the form of 16 separate subscribers in one meter.

Advantages of the Economical Combined Meter

16 single-phase meters installed in a package measuring 300×300 mm Deducting 80% of production costs High production efficiency Using the three-phase and the single-phase simultaneously Saving time on building, installing and reading Best for installing in residential and commercial complexes Environmentally friendly (less use of plastic and electronic equipment in production of meters) Combined electricity, water, and gas meter (each up to 16 connections) High output equal to 800 Amp

Project Info

Power meter up to date energy control management

Electricity meter cobine

Device Details
Clients 15~16 Bridge
Installation Exterior
Year of Product 2019
Category Multifunction meter
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 13 cm
Protocol GPRS_LORA
Amper out 1 * 50A * 16 Line
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