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What We Did

The most significant challenge for the water distribution companies is reading the meter information which is extremely expensive. Economically speaking, it is not possible to change the mechanical meters in a short time. Therefore, we were in search of a practical and budget-friendly solution. After two years of hard work on the meters, we could make the sensor for reading meter information which is the mechanical to digital converter sensor. It is possible to connect to the server easily without any need for WIFI or mobile networks. We could present lower the duration for reading the water meter information on an annual or monthly scale according to the internal policies of the distributor companies. It is not required to purchase and occupy bandwidth- HUB any other specific 2.4 GHz network, GPRS, or any landline. There is no limit for the information transfer distance with the software protocol our company offers. We can send the data in the form of a CSV file and encrypted numeric codes. Undoubtedly, there is no problem to connect to the current software of the companies. This device performs the process of reading the water meter information automatically and it does not require the water subscribers’ involvement.

Some of the Advantages of Analog to Digital Water Meter Convertor

Convenient and fast installation on various types of meters (without the need for network specialist) Environmental friendly (electromagnetic waves reduction) Modbus Output Internal memory to keep the information up to 10 years The ability to read the water temperature (optional) The ability to read the water pressure (optional) Extremely low volume of data transfer even in the form of encrypted Alarm for defining domestic use from the business one Integrating all the current meters in the water system of the Netherlands even grid and digital meters

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Sensor meter combine

Speed of operation in installation_ Working speed at startup_ Economic_ Powerful antenna_ Comprehensive software_ Consumption control_ Sustainability development_

Installation of water sensor

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