International Exhibitions KUWAIT


International Exhibitions KUWAIT 2020

The International Invention Fair of the Middle East (IIFME)

has a well-established tradition; the first of which was held in 2007, and since then, IIFME has been raising the bar higher; and today IIFME is one of the largest specialized invention fairs in the Middle East, and it is deemed as the second most significant fair worldwide. The achievements of the previous IIFME are proof of the significance of the desired message to be delivered via the fair. With the participation of more than 39 countries from all around the globe; showing clearly the international interest and awareness. IIFME will be focused on the recent advanced inventions and technologies in the following fields; for example, mechanical and industrial tools, computer science, civil engineering construction, electronics, agriculture and gardening, teaching methods, aviation, motor vehicles, alternative energy, medicine and many more. As Organizers, we will do our best to follow the IIFME tradition by inviting outstanding researchers as keynote lecturers, along with ensuring enough time for stimulating panel discussions. Since the launch of the modern Kuwaiti renaissance in the mid-twentieth century, the State has placed the Kuwaiti citizen at the forefront of its priorities; as it was convinced that the human investment is the main engine for sustainable development. The youth and the young and emerging generations are considered the driving and flowing force towards the effectiveness of the plans and programs prepared by the State; in order to qualify and prepare the youth to play their desired roles in their coming years. At the forefront of these national organizations comes the Kuwait Science Club, which combines between a lot of scientific, qualification and training roles that assist and support the State’s objectives in reinforcing the Kuwaiti youth with knowledge, science, and summer activities drawn and established through their career spanning for over forty years. Its results and off-springs were always youth assuming leading and pioneering positions, supported by extensive preparation and qualification within the Club’s workshops and departments. Talal Jassem Alkharafi IIFME

– Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee Kuwait Science Club

– Chairman As every year all inventions and innovation will be evaluated by group of international jurors, which will be included recognized experts representing various scientific disciplines.

They will make an assessment based on information about inventions and innovations, that authors of solutions will publish during online registration. In this exhibition, we were able to get a gold medal from the jury

Goals :

Taking part in international fairs to: – find the right quality level with other countries’ startup markets – collaborate with other manufacturers and researchers in common areas – Aiming to share past experiences

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