International Exhibitions SOUTH KOREA

South Korea

International Exhibitions SOUTH KOREA 2019

Seoul International invention Fair

– SIIF 2019 took place on 27 to 30 November at COEX, Seoul, Korea .

One of the Largest Invention Fair in the World : A Gateway to the World Market. Will be under the patronage of the Korean Intellectual Property Office and will be supported internationally by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) Will feature a symposium on marketing and commercialization. Will feature a business matchmaking pavilion for those wishing to enter the Korean market. Stems from the Korea Patent Technology Exhibition, a national exhibition of outstanding inventions that has been held since 1982. To hold a wholly integrated invention fair providing inventors from all over the world with comprehensive information on the commercialization of inventions, patent information, and technology transfer. As every year all inventions and innovation will be evaluated by group of international jurors, which will be included recognized experts representing various scientific disciplines.

They will make an assessment based on information about inventions and innovations, that authors of solutions will publish during online registration.

In this exhibition, we were able to get a silver medal from the jury We also received a special product commercialization award from the South Korean trade Association.

Goals :

Taking part in international fairs to: – find the right quality level with other countries’ startup markets – collaborate with other manufacturers and researchers in common areas – Aiming to share past experiences

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