International Exhibitions CANADA


International Exhibitions CANADA 2020

This year marked the 5 th Anniversary of the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada , iCAN 2020.

As usual, the event was supposed to be conducted at the usual location at North York Memorial Community Hall in Toronto, Canada. However, the worldwide pandemic caused by the coronavirus prohibited the event from opening its doors for the public and most importantly, the international participants coming from abroad were unable to fly into the country. Therefore, the iCAN organizing committee and team figured out the solution to conduct the event online for all participants from around the world and made sure that everyone benefited from joining iCAN 2020. This year’s Finals offered a new feature of having the Finalists to submit their video presentation files for their inventions/projects that were accepted and promoted to the Finals from the Preliminaries. The main purpose of this new feature was to serve as a replacement for the actual exhibition in Toronto. The jury performed the video evaluation of the submitted video files to select the winners of the Finals awards consisting of the Grand Prize, Semi-Grand Prize, Best Invention Awards of various categories, and the Special Awards of TISIAS and the international delegations. All video presentation files were examined to select winners of the Finals awards and also used as mixed contents in the Finals movie prior to the date. The educational seminar videos were also recorded prior to this date in order to be uploaded on August 29 as well. The official catalogue was also uploaded for the participants to view their information. As every year all inventions and innovation will be evaluated by group of international jurors, which will be included recognized experts representing various scientific disciplines. They will make an assessment based on information about inventions and innovations, that authors of solutions will publish during online registration.

Taking part in international fairs to: – find the right quality level with other countries’ startup markets – collaborate with other manufacturers and researchers in common areas – Aiming to share past experiences In this exhibition,

we were able to get a gold medal from the jury

We also received a special product commercialization award from the Canada of achievement

Some of these images are from last year and have been removed from the exhibition archive

Due to the coronavirus, the exhibition was held in absentia

International Exhibitions CANADA 2020


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